21 Ultimate Travel Spots around the World, you haven't heard of most of them

Thinking of Travel and Leisure? Check out this list of 21 best travel spots around the world to add to your bucket list today.

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We've all heard of Paris and Bora Bora and Bali and New Zealand and all those best hotspots for travel for a million times. What we have not heard is Bolivia and Pakistan and Colombia and Algeria and so many more. Each country in this marvelously amazing world has a fascinating hidden beauty that we shouldn't miss. And thanks to all these local people who helped me curate this list of 21 ultimate travel spots that not many of us might have heard of. So now that you sit down to put your bucket list into place, you will definitely refer to this list to add some of the rare but best travel spots around the world. 





Bolivia has 9 cities and interestingly, all the 9 cities have different climates and delicious food. If you're looking to plan a completely different yet amazing New Year, you should definitely look out for Bolivia. Each city has different fairs and activities that might make up for the best time of our lives. From the majestic ice peaks to the natural beauty of its lakes, Bolivia has it all. 


The top three places to visit in Bolivia are: 

1. The Uyuni Salt Flats: Not only entire South America, but the Uyuni Salt Flats are considered as incredible vistas to bless our eyes in the entire globe. It is known as the largest mirror by Mother Earth. It is a desert-like majestic landscape spread over about 10000 sq km with bright white salt and rock formations. The Uyuni Salt Flats, as called by people, is a place where Heaven meets Earth; they're not even exaggerating, I'm sure you'll definitely agree with me (even before visiting it) when you see this video. 



2. City of Cochabamba: If you ask a Bolivian about Cochabamba, the first thing you'll hear is the great climate. All year round, Cochabamba is blessed with spring-y weather. Next, Cochabamba is the gastronomic capital of Bolivia and thus, you'll never be disappointed with the food there. From fine dining restaurants to the endless street food explorations, the city of Cochabamba will give a new life to your taste buds. Not satisfied yet? You will be, once your eyes gaze up over the second largest statue of Jesus Christ standing atop Cerro de San Pedro. With its arms outstretched, the Christ statue is visible from the entire city of Cochabamba. 



3. Lake Titicaca: Once you see the largest mirror and the second largest statue of Christ in the world, it's time to jump into the highest lake in the world. Lying on the Andes Mountains, Lake Titicaca is situated on the borders of Bolivia and Peru. It is no surprise when you see some charming Chilean Pink Flamingos or the Titicaca Frog jumping around because Lake Titicaca is home to over 500 aquatic species. From the lakeside towns to the people of Titicaca, Uros to the islands, Lake Titicaca has wonders to show you. 





I know, most of you didn't expect Pakistan on this list, but why not? Although Pakistan has faced a lot of political instabilities, it is one of the safest countries to travel for both genders, providing some majestic beauties to your eyes. It is home to the most hospitable people you'll ever meet. The best time to visit Pakistan is probably Summer and Spring when the climate is neither too hot nor too cold. 


The top three places to visit in Pakistan are: 

1. Gilgit: Gilgit offers you the magnificent beauty of mountains and adventures. It is a true paradise for adrenaline junkies. From trekking in the wonderful mountains to trout fishing and even mountain cycling, Gilgit has panoramic views of the Concordia Glacier, the old Baltit Fort, and Attabad Lake. 



2. Abbottabad: According to the locals, Abbottabad is a natural beauty from Allah. With its pleasant weather all year round, this city makes up for a 2-day travel stay. Abbottabad has tonnes of places to see and things to do. One of them is Harnoi, which is the most famous among tourists. It is surrounded by tall lush green mountains with cold streams of water running through it. You can also visit the Pakistan Military Academy, the Jalal Baba Auditorium, and Saint Luke's Church. 



Nathia Gali: After your adventures in Gilgit Baltistan, your body must be demanding some rest. And guess what? Nathia Gali might be the next best relaxation beauty you want to experience in your life. After all the pollution and chaos from the city, even a day at Nathia Gali will be memorable with its beautiful scenery and lush greenery. It is one of the best places to relax among the hospitable people and relaxing weather. 





Again, not expected right? But you know what? Colombia is rapidly increasing its traveling manure to the eyes of people from South America as well as the world. You’ve got tonnes of reasons to include Colombia in your next travel plan. With the exceptional street art, the freshest coffee you’ll ever taste, the largest number of bird species, the world’s largest cycling climb to the gorgeous colorful cities, Colombia is another graceful favor to our eyes. 

The top three places to visit in Colombia are:


1. Tatacoa Desert: A photographer’s open-eyes dream to a traveler’s top destination in South America, this surreal landscape is incredibly stunning. When I first found this place on the Internet, I couldn’t even believe if this place is indeed real. Not only one can enjoy the desert heat by lounging in the pool with some beers, but the Tatacoa Desert also gives an incredible stargazing experience. Just so you know, millions of years ago, this landscape was home to lush green forests and fantastic wildlife. 



2. Medellin: Medellin has surely outgrown itself as the most rapidly growing modernistic city for travelers as well as digital nomads. With the metro and cable-car system, Medellin promises you a luxurious but affordable time. With the temperate climate all year round, you can enjoy a walking tour of a number of parks and museums while snacking on the fantastic street food. Also, spare a day for a short trip to the famous Gautape which is a colorful village alongside a pool where you can enjoy a speed boat or a party boat. 



3. Bogota: Well, you must have heard the gritty nature of Colombia's capital city, Bogota, but hey, that’s what you gotta experience here. Bogota is a lively vibrant city, offering tonnes of things to see and do. The museums, the parks, and botanical gardens, the cathedrals, and the parties, Bogota will serve you all to have a whale of your time. In June and December, which is the middle and the end of the year, you will get to see different fairs in different cities, the biggest one in Bogota. 





I’m sure all of us have first experienced Egypt in our History classes at school and to no surprise, all of us have dreamt of clicking unusual pictures at the Pyramids. First things first, Egypt is absolutely safe and the Egyptians are the friendliest hospitable people you’ll ever meet. Secondly, just telling you before you blame me, Cairo is chaos. Although with the incredible landscapes and the hush-and-bush of the city, Cairo’s traffic is INSANE.  


The top three places to visit in Egypt are:

1. Coast of the Red Sea: I’m not surprised to hear that you are looking for a refreshing and relaxing day after the noisy streets of Cairo and the archaeological sights of Egypt.  Well, the Red Sea Coast will fulfill your relaxing needs with its sandy beaches and luxurious restaurants. At Hurghada, you can experience some amazing corals and aquatic marine life while at Al Gouna, you can experience the lush gardens and an 18-hole golf course to play around. 



2. Pyramids of Giza: Proudly standing with its name on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pyramids of Giza are a stunning view to the eye, up and close. Going inside the Pyramids and witnessing the closed confined spaces, clicking some creative pictures with the Sphinx and the camels, and watching the Light Show at night are a few of the top things you shouldn’t miss when traveling to the Great Pyramids of Giza. 



3. Pharaonic Temples: Egypt has been known for its Pharaonic Temples from the ancient world. From the largest temple in the world to the largest religious building ever made, the Pharaonic Temples of Egypt might leave you spellbound. The architectural innovations of the Karnak Temple, the Temple of Abu Simbel, the Temple of Kom Ombo and many more built around 3000 years back are worth seeing once in a lifetime. 





I’m sure you didn’t even imagine Algeria on this list. But hey, not only is Algeria the largest Arab country and the tenth-largest country globally in terms of area but it has a great diversity in terms of climate, places, regions, and language. There are deserts, green forests, plains, mountains, and tonnes of beautiful beaches. It is a magical tourist diversity that may leave you captivated. 


The top three places to visit in Algeria are:

1. Timgad: Oh Timgad, it’s a grandeur! Timgad has been protected under UNESCO, and the path leads you to some authentic sculptures, houses, ancient inscriptions, and even toilets and baths. 



2. Algerian Sahara: If you know a bit about Algeria, you know that its vast portion is covered by the Algerian Sahara Desert. You will of course be delighted to experience the sand dunes of Tadrart and the stony valley and the rocky plateau, but apart from that, the ancient kingdom of the M’Zab will definitely capture your eyes. From crocodiles and giraffes to experience 15000 prehistoric rock carvings, the Essendilene by camel, and the gardens of the Algerian Sahara, it’s no doubt a divine experience. 



3. Parc National de Chrea: Although the Chrea National Park is one of the largest in Algeria. I’m sure you haven’t heard of this. Well, good that you’re here because you got to know that the Chrea ski station is one of the few ski stations in the whole of Africa where you can enjoy skiing in the natural snow. Not only that, the Chrea National Park is home to tonnes of species of flora and fauna. 



El Salvador


Yes, you read right. El Salvador, Central America’s most underrated country. This small country is fulfilled with happy and super-friendly people. Due to the horrible press, you might say that this country is still inexperienced by tourists but oh well, El Salvador has a plethora of adventure to offer like remarkable surfing on some fantastic beaches, hiking the volcanoes, seeing the villages splashed with murals and tonnes of beautiful flowers and coffee plantations alongside mountains. 


The top three places to visit in El Salvador are:

1. The Montecristo Cloud Forest:

The Montecristo Cloud Forest is home to a plethora of biodiversity including spider monkeys, orchids, anteaters, oaks, toucans, etc. It is literally a forest that plays with the sky. At El Trifinio, which is the highest point of the Montecristo Cloud Forest, the borders of the three neighboring countries, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala converge. Under the beautiful setting of the galaxies of the night sky, you may experience nature’s powerful wonders over there. 



2. Santa Ana: Known as El Salvador’s largest city, Santa Ana is located on the Inter-American highway and is known for its safety. From hiking the Santa Ana Volcano to the beautiful Coatepeque lake to the UNESCO site, Joya de Ceren, this city of lovely restaurants and natural beauty has a lot to offer. Even walking around the city is a charm on its own. And oh yes, Camilla suggests you should buy a packet of a fruit called “Jocote” for around $1.



3. Suchitoto: Want something interesting? Suchitoto has it. Suchitoto is home to a strange plates museum where you can find over a thousand plates from movies and cartoons, gathered from all around the world. Not yet satisfied? Check out the Basalt waterfalls. What’s unique is that the backdrop of these waterfalls has been made by strange rock formations centuries ago which just leave you to imagine. And of course, I’ll send you again to Suchitoto if you come back without having a Civil War Tour, lol. 





If you’re a daredevil and you want to travel to places very few people have been before, Kiribati is for you. With a less complicated life from the urban countries and extremely friendly people for whom culture and family are a priority, I’m sure this little country in the Pacific is a worth visit to see a change. The islands seek you with views of white sandy beaches and blue lagoons and the perfect combination of adventure plus relaxation that most of us look for these days. Simple, fresh yet delicious food and some exciting folk dance performances will catch your eyes. 


The top three places to visit in Kiribati are:

1. Fanning Islands: Ever dreamed of spending your day by the ocean, surfing and fishing, and coming back to your beautiful lodge to good food and good wine? Well well, we’re surely going to the Fanning Islands of Kiribati. Fanning Islands, also known as Tabuaeran is located in the Central Pacific, where you not only can have a once-in-a-lifetime fishing experience but a unique cruise experience too. From fly fishing to spearfishing to drift snorkeling to gear fishing, the Fanning islands will blow your minds in the ocean. 



2. Christmas Island: A large lagoon with the largest land area of any atoll in the world is why Christmas Island is famous. More than 6 million birds nest and breed on the island, making it the world’s top site for bird-watching. When Captain Cook arrived on this island during a Christmas eve in 1777, he named it the Christmas Island which has been a valuable tourist spot of the Kiribati Islands ever since. 



3. World War 2 Battlefield Tours: Having fought one of the deadliest battles in Kiribati during World War II, the remains are a living example of the bloodshed by millions during the time. Defense guns, pillboxes, tanks, shipwrecks as well as plane wrecks straight from the battlefield have been preserved in museums of Kiribati for people to see and understand almost after 75 years of the huge war. You will find a lot of tours that take you to the battlefields and guide you throughout. 




Most of the time, travelling is mainly surfing common travel spots around us and doing the same things that millions do. But hey, this time when you plan a trip, make sure you look at something unique. In short, make sure you come here, read, watch and ask some amazing travel inspo! 




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