Difference in Personality Traits of different nationalities around the world

Do you think we can differentiate personality by country? People’s behavior or nature might be different among different cultures, but what is the exact difference? Read what locals say about their country.

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Does the world have anything called ‘the national stereotypes’? Whether you talk about industrious Japan or America’s party animals or the extraverted Brazilians, we believe you can definitely think about differentiating the personality traits of different nationalities. We asked local people from 7 countries to talk to us about people’s personalities by country, and here’s what they told us. 



































































































































































Dominican Republic


I literally got to know how friendly Dominicans are when I approached one to ask this question. A mixture of Spaniard Colonists, Taino natives, and other European and African people, the culture of the Dominican Republic is truly one to embrace. Dominicans are joyful and unconcerned people, who like to dance to the Merengue and bachata rhythms while eating, drinking, and playing dominoes. Families are very close in Dominica; grandparents and married people living in one house prove the statement. Teenagers are polished to build strong work ethics from the very beginning. Their body language and loud voice can easily make you feel warm and friendly around them. 























































































































































































































































I’m sure most of us reading this already know in the back of our minds that the Japanese are the most polite people in the world. They are the ones who strictly follow rules. Yeah, very very strictly. Never cut a line in a subway or never littering the public or never ever ignore traffic rules. You’ll hardly find a Japanese talking on the phone loudly, let alone whispering on a subway ride. 

Japanese people are very civilized as well as cultured. They refer to the country as “one nation, one civilization, one language, one culture, and one race”. For the Japanese, the country and the family are considered more important than themselves. From the very beginning, children in school are taught social and cultural values and then they shift to actual education. The Japanese believe in a group’s integrity rather than on the individual himself. 























































































































































































































































Whether it’s privacy or punctuality, you’ll always find Germans quite structural. A lot of people work hard to make sure that trains run on time. Germans are known as hard-workers, industrious people who value time and organization. Perfectionism runs in the blood of Germans; they can endure hardships without complaining. 

Although strict to their rules, Germans are hearty when it comes to food and friends. They’ll definitely not let you feel alone when you’re there as a tourist. And oh yes, if you’re into soccer, you’re absolutely going to have the best trip ever, lol. 























































































































































































































































In Nigeria just like the rest of Africa, it is rude to rush the greeting process as it is a sign of respect and reverence. While greeting, the culture says you must take time to ask about the person's health, the health of their family, and other necessities. You will find establishments serving liquor almost everywhere except the places where the Islamic Law prohibits them. Whether in urban or rural areas, the family is the central institution. Families gather to celebrate births and weddings. Funerals are also times when the family gathers. Because so many Nigerians live outside the country, funerals for non-Muslims are often delayed for a month or more to allow all the family members to make plans to return home. Nigerians celebrate several holidays throughout the year, including Independence Day (October 1), Workers Day (May 1), and various Christian and Islamic holidays. Nigeria has a prolific film industry called Nollywood. Nollywood puts out two hundred movies a week, topping the output of Hollywood and coming in second only to Bollywood.






















































































































































































































































Some people refer to Switzerland as a “small village”, where most people are friendly, and they greet each other very often. Several things define Switzerland as a country, from its own traditional food, attractive lakes, and high-altitude mountains to its generous population. Swiss people take their punctuality quite seriously. For Swiss people, a punctual person is someone who is considerate and with their punctuality, they show respect for the other person. Another typical Swiss characteristic is that they consider greeting people they meet in public spaces very politely, however, they even respect discretion and privacy, and strangers are not usually expected to interact with each other. What is distinctive is that Swiss parents are hesitant in handing their children to childcare providers. Mothers of young children don’t usually work full time, and something that is very common is grandparent care.























































































































































































































































The People of Pakistan are really hospitable, there is no doubt about it. The spirit of hospitality and helping people is not only because they want to be famous but also because their customs and traits show that helping people is the greatest reward.

But as we turn to the cities, this spirit of hospitality and helping the needy fades away. It's not that this spirit has completely disappeared from the city's corners, but because the life of the cities has been influenced by the material world. People tend to go after Success and they find Success in the materialization of their dreams. But still, in comparison to the western world, Pakistan is one of the only few countries left on the map of the globe having moral and traditional values intact.




People in Mexico are affectionate and hospitable. They are not always kind to live with but when it comes to tourists, they can be very good guides. They support each other unconditionally and noticeably more in times of pandemic. They are usually happy, of course, anger is also a prominent trait, but that depends on the mood of each person. You can always run into a Mexican with a smile of being kind, moreover, if you are a tourist they will try to help you and give you the knowledge they possess. Mexicans are interdependent, which means everything is guided by being dependent on others. They spend more time in groups and are more involved with the family. They are more conscious of what others say about them.



Every country has unique traditions. People around the world have different ideas of greeting and meeting each other. You can spot the diversity simply by noticing their behavioral traits and tastes. Don’t forget to answer these polls and QnAs to test what you know about these people; maybe tomorrow you meet a Swiss guy, you should know how to say helloooo.


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