What pizza looks like around the world

Who the heck is not dying to have a slice of pizza right now? We’re going to get your taste buds jumping once you read how pizza around the world looks like. Sit ready with your journals to note down the best pizzas in the world.

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The picture of pizza that you have in mind might be limited to a flour base with tomato sauce and heaps of mozzarella. Well, you gotta widen your imagination because you’ll be amazed to see the different pizza toppings around the world. From minced mutton to chocolate to mashed potatoes to coconut milk curry (stop yukking, it’s really good), you definitely would love to check what pizza around the world looks like.

United Kingdom

Although you may say that the English have no major creativity on their pizza, you’ll want to blow your taste buds once you have a slice. Basically, the authentic taste of pizza from the United Kingdom is famous around the world. 

The base is simply made of flour and yeast, while the base toppings include tomato sauce and cheese. Lots of people like to have extra toppings that include pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, olives and other vegetables among others. The Chicago style pizza is a lot common in the United Kingdom, being a deep dish cheesy pizza that’ll blow you to heavens. More often, pizzas are usually eaten on their own, but some like to have a salad and cold drink on the side. 

A typical English person eats pizza once a week which in a restaurant might cost anywhere from £8-25.  



We know that the perfect leopard browning marks and the crispy brown on the edges and the cheese melted to perfection is a lot to ask for in a homemade pizza. Well, most of the time, it’s not the problem of the oven, but the pan you use. And thus, we have the perfect pan for you to make that cafe-style pizza. The perforations in this deep-dish pizza pan will just cook your pizza to perfection and are super easy to clean and store. Must buy for everyone!



The Turkish pizza or what they call, the Lahmacun is quite similar to the regular pizza made of a flour dough except that it is much thinner and can be folded or rolled while eating. 

Alas, they don’t put cheese over their pizza! I still bet you’ll love the Turkish Lahmacun Recipe if you are a fan of spicy minced meat and kebabs. The best taste comes from the smoke that is generated with some slow cooking in the wood fire oven. Although other people tend to cook in a normal oven, the authentic taste comes from the wood fire oven which literally has tonnes of other uses too. And thus, it is not a bad buy! Some toppings include sausage, green pepper and tomatoes. Lahmacun is usually eaten with meatballs, the perfect meal for the Turks! 

You can find Lahmacun all over the country in cafes and restaurants, and even in the street. Although the cost varies by region, the average you may spend can be 12tl or 1.75 USD.






Yeah whatever, but I don’t understand temperatures. Well, this one’s definitely for you then because it has a temperature gauge that will cook the pizza at the correct temperature automatically. Again, don’t worry. It’s easy to assemble and a cheap buy!




The difference that’ll get you to think between an American pizza and a Brazilian pizza is, that Brazilians eat their pizza with a knife and a fork. Coming to the crust, Brazilian pizza has a thin crust baked on a pizza screen whose edges are filled with Requeijão, a Brazilian cheese. 

Coming to the toppings, Brazilians have very distinctive taste palettes, unlike an American pizza which has tomato sauce and cheese. Toppings may include everything you can imagine like a chicken with catupiry cheese, mashed potatoes, sausage, chocolate, chicken in coconut milk, etc. You can still expect our basic ingredients like Mozzarella and Oregano on the top. 

They eat their pizza with ketchup, mustard and parsley sauce. Brazilians love their pizza and they tend to eat it almost every day. The average cost of pizza in the country is 100 reais which are around 20 USD. 



We always try to spread a thin layer of dough on our regular pizza pan, hoping that it will bake into a crunchy thin crust. But alas, dreams shattered! Well, thin crispy crusts are the best, and you can have them too with this extremely affordable and durable pizza screen. The porous grid on the bottom exposes the crust to direct heat, making it as crispy as you can imagine. It’s the perfect aluminium and non-stick screen that fits in your oven and is dishwasher safe as well as durable. 



What do you assume about a Mexican pizza? Beans and tortilla chips over the top, right? Well well, we all gotta refine our knowledge. The authentic Mexican pizza is called Tlayudas whose base is basically the tortillas made of cornflour. 

The tortillas are placed on a comal to get hot, after which a layer of asiento (unrefined pork lard) is applied followed by mashed beans and a generous amount of cheese, usually queso fresco (unsalted cheese). Tasajo steak (thinly sliced grilled beef) can also be used as a topping. But Mexicans surely don’t use tomatoes or bell peppers or anything else as pizza toppings because they like their pizza to be authentic, true to their culture. 

To make the best Mexican corn tortillas and several other recipes, an invaluable tool called the comal griddle is required. Not only it proves its versatility by being used in charring, toasting and grilling, but also used to cook meat. Check out this comal that is directly recommended from a Mexican local!



This authentic griddle from Mexico has been recommended by the Mexicans themselves. With a thin surface, it heats up pretty fast, browning those dots on your tortilla to make it perfect. The Teflon is short-lived, and the product is a cheap buy. 



The traditional pizza originating in Buenos Aires, Argentina is called Fugazza. The popularity of fugazza comes with its topping of caramelized onions. The base is a sourdough which has a spongy consistency and more water than the regular pizza dough. Argentinians say that they add more yeast because they do not like to wait longer for it to rise. The base is usually thicker than American pizza.

The cheese used is cow’s milk mozzarella which gives a nice creamy melt to the caramelized onions. The pizza is baked in the oven and then topped with oregano. Sometimes, you may also see toppings like olives, parmesan and olive oil. 

Argentinians tend to have pizza once a week and many eat homemade versions. Like a few other countries, people eat pizza with a fork and knife in Argentina, which is mostly at restaurants. Although the cost varies in different parts of the country, the average is around 5 USD.



There are several criteria for a good baking pizza tray including a proper non-stick cover, a crunchy base and the ability to cook a frozen pizza. Well, this one fulfils it all. Having made of carbon steel makes it more durable and health-graded, it’s a cheap buy! Also, the mesh design helps you even cook other stuff on it like some crispy chicken nuggets or a pie.




Finally coming to the country who originated our favourite pizza after which it widely spread with different versions around the world. Although we know Italian pizza as the general tomato sauce and cheese pizza, the locals have to say a lot about it. 

The base is made of flour, olive oil, water, yeast and salt. About toppings, there are tonnes. The Margherita is the simplest with tomato sauce and cheese. They also have Pizza Funghi e Prosciutto which is topped with mozzarella, mushrooms and Ham and Pizza e Tartufo which comes with truffle. Another version also has speck (a type of ham) and Gorgonzola (a special Italian cheese). Kids love Pizza wurstel e Patatine which is a Pizza with mozzarella, sausage and french fries.  

For Italians, pizza is a Saturday dish. They also have it for birthday parties or friends night or movies night. They eat pizza with coke or beer, nothing else at all. An average pizza in Italy would cost you more or less 7,00 euros.





You’ve finally got the perfect wood fire oven for the perfect wood fire pizza in the perfect weather in your perfect backyard. Lol, I’m so sorry for all the perfection. Again, don’t worry. It’s easy to assemble and a cheap buy!




Indian pizza sees quite a variation from regions as well as the standard of the place you’re eating at. Although the base is similar to the traditional Italian pizza, the toppings tend to be spicier and more vegetables. 

The “Desi” pizza, as locals call it, has a spicy tomato gravy which is topped with veggies like bell peppers, onions, cubes of cottage cheese (paneer) and processed cheese. You can find this desi pizza on the streets. 

If you find yourself in a standard restaurant, you’ll see more exotic toppings like mushrooms, mozzarella, cheddar, jalapenos, golden corn, olives, etc. The non-vegetarian version which is not quite common in India may have toppings like minced mutton and shredded chicken. 

Being more on the spicier side, you usually will find packets of oregano and chilli flakes to sprinkle on top along with ketchup on the side. A street-side pizza may cost you around 1.5 USD while in a standard cafe or restaurant would be around 3 USD. 


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